Hanuel Stories: Rosie Nguyen & Deadly Delicious

Hanuel Stories: Rosie Nguyen & Deadly Delicious

“I’ll have breakfast for you!” I read Rosie’s email and did a little happy-dance on my way to our morning shoot. She whipped up the tastiest sweet potato stuffing hash on the stove, topped with three sunny-side-ups. Being a “just-throw-something-quick-in-the-microwave” kind of girl, I was pretty impressed.

I had stumbled upon Rosie’s @DeadlyDelicious instagram a few months ago and drooled over all the macarons. Her story was a fun one as I scrolled through her feeds. Through my stalking prowess, I found her food blog, Rosie Eats, complete with recipes & how-to videos. A nurse by day (& night) and all-around awesome & sweet, she had started an online bake shop with her sister. Deadly Delicious: “Sisters bringing you only the deadliest desserts!” This girl was rockin’ it.

As I got to know Rosie over emails & coffee, I can tell you that our morning describes her perfectly. Despite her crazy schedule, she carefully prepared a thoughtful, delicious & creative meal that filled my stomach with goodness. I hope you love getting to know Rosie as much as I do.


Your blog “Rosie Eats” is awesome. Why do you personally feel drawn to the love of cooking?

“Eating is a necessity, cooking is an art.”

I have always been quite the artist. I needed to be the creator of things, even as a child, I drew, painted, danced and even set up a storefront in my room of everything I made and coerced my family and friends to buy my creations- I just had this innate need to make things. Cooking became another avenue that I could express my imagination. I cooked almost everyday alongside my mother and it wasn’t until I moved to DC that I could unleash that creative beast in me and cook whatever my heart desired. I literally exploded in the kitchen and I knew that this magic I possessed to transform food into something spectacular was special- something extraordinary.

I have put serious thought into becoming a fashion designer, modern/hip hop dancer and now cooking. Why do I think cooking is the best form of art? Because after the creation process, you reap what you sow – a fantastic meal that has the ability to transport you momentarily to heaven. Cooking was my first true love, baking actually started not too long ago. I was chosen to partake in a popular cooking competition that would test all skills of food – cooking and baking. I started baking to practice and gain more experience and I accidentally fell in love. When I came back from the competition, I picked up right where I left off and started Deadly Delicious, a dessert catering project, with my sister. Within two weeks from announcing I would take orders, I sold over 1,000 macarons out of my tiny apartment kitchen while maintain my job as a pediatric nurse and the rest is history.


You could easily keep all your cooking secrets to yourself. Why do you want to share them with others?

Of course I could keep my cooking secrets to myself (I have a lot of secrets), but what fun would that be to be lonely and full of awesome secrets/recipes. My life revolves around sharing – its the only way that mankind can thrive. Whatever my purpose in life is (that I’m still working on), I know I want to leave imprints on the lives of everyone I encounter and that involves sharing information that I believe to be beneficial or that just peaks in interests in people. With social media and blogging at my finger tips and so readily available, it was a no-brainer to start rosieeats.com and a youtube channel. I have even started successful private cooking lessons for those who fully want to immerse themselves under my guidance- so much fun these are. I would share more if I could. My balancing act of blogging, youtubing, cooking, baking, maintaining my nurse job and traveling all over the place has kept my hands a bit full, but I’m thoroughly enjoying every minute of the ride.


What are some discoveries you’ve made or lessons learned through cooking & baking?

The most profound discovery that I have made through cooking and baking is that this is something I want to devote my life. Nothing brings me more pride and joy than to feed people. Food has the capability to not only bring people together, but keep people together. I joke around that since I have moved to DC 4.5 years ago, cooking was the best method to make and keep friends (its pretty true though). Word of advice to people who have a hard time meeting new people, if you tell them you are a beast in the kitchen and want to feed them… you’ll have so many friends, you wouldn’t be able to count how many (lol).


What are some of the challenges you face as a chef, creative and business owner? What are your hopes for yourself as a growing creative?

One of my biggest challenges is that I am one little girl who wants to conquer it all, but I can’t and I have to remind myself to take it one step at a time. Not only do I want to expand my baking business and have an official storefront, but I also want my own cooking show and a restaurant. I have so much more to offer than just desserts and I want to share RosieEats with the world. On top of that, another daydream goal of mine is to involve myself and my work into charity. I want to start doing pop-ups at food banks because I believe the less fortunate deserve to indulge in amazing meals sometimes. With all of these goals swimming in my head, I really need to focus on one at a time and go from there. My hopes, goals and dreams are big, but always achievable.

Rosie, thank you for sharing your morning with us & spoiling us with such good food. We’re so excited to see Rosie Eats & Deadly Delicious grow & do amazing things! 

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