Hanuel Stories: Julien Garman

We were introduced through Twitter by a mutual sweet friend who insisted we had to meet. Months later, Julien and I finally grabbed a cup of coffee and our friend was right. Julien was amazing. Kind, bubbly, thoughtful. We instantly connected through our love of good photography and collaboration. I had questions for her as a blossoming style blogger, curious on how she juggles a full-time job, recently buying a first home with her husband, and being so active & engaged in the DC style community. We started bouncing ideas off each other from our very first coffee date.

Over the past two months, Julien warmly invited us into her tribe. Soon we were surrounded by like-minded spirits who value collaboration over competition. I remind myself often how special & magical this creativity community is — both here in DC and online. There is a real & genuine desire to see each other succeed & thrive.

Last week on a whim, we ran over to STYLECABLE‘s holiday Pop Up Shop in Georgetown DC, which by the way is AMAZING. We were so happy to see Uyen Tang, founder of STYLECABLE & ultimate #girlboss, and we oo’ed & ah-ed over the beautiful designs displayed. It was a quick lunch break adventure, but it embodied everything we love – collaboration, good photography, and really good company. This is Julien.


You are fairly new to the blogger community. What do you love about it & what has surprised you most?

Since It’s Julien was only born about a year ago, I was worried that I would have trouble finding friends and making connections in the DC scene…but I was totally and 100% wrong. I was so surprised at the amount of support these women showed each other. These aren’t catty, rich girls who only care about what they’re wearing. These are real women who have become some of my closest friends. They just all happen to love fashion and running their small empires. I also love the versatility of style you can find here. There are bloggers who have a classic style, others who are super minimalist, and others who are totally unique in their style. It’s really beautiful to see.


As a blogger, what’s your purpose & mission? Why do you write?

As a blogger, my purpose is to show my readers they can have fun with fashion…to show them you don’t need to wear the most expensive clothes to look great. Sometimes a simple jean and t-shirt will do. I want to inspire people to try new styles and find their own. I want them to see that flaws are ok! I’m not a model, I have curves, cellulite, the works. And I’m ok with that. Am I always trying to improve myself? Constantly. But am I going to let a little lumpy leg keep me from wearing shorts? No way, Jose. I also aim to introduce cool, small businesses to my readers. I want them to fall in love with the cool circle ring I bought from Elaine B Jewelry at a local pop-up shop because it’s so special and unique. I want them to see that a really quality piece is worth the investment when it’s made right here. I want them to be inspired by other local businesses so they can have the courage to start their own shop if that’s their dream.


I see such a wonderful spirit of collaboration & uplifting other creatives here in DC. Do you feel that as well? Is that important to you?

Yes, I absolutely agree that collaboration and supporting other creatives is a huge deal. I not only feel that it’s important, but imperative. We’re all in this same crazy boat together…trying to find new and exciting ways to promote content is hard. But when you find a team of creatives who all want to help each other grow and create something beautiful together – that’s when the magic happens.


What are a few real & tangible ways that we can support creatives (designers, bloggers, artists, business owners, and more) in DC and beyond?

It all starts with a conversation. Reaching out to other creatives you know or know about and pitching an idea you have is a great start. The idea often naturally evolves from there. I’ve done dinner party shoots, branded lookbooks, countless collaborations. While you work hard to create an awesome piece you hope might get picked up by a media outlet, to me, that’s not the point. It’s about each creative, each blogger, each artist, sharing their talents with a group, like a puzzle, to create this incredible masterpiece. The friendships I’ve built from these fun collaborations is by far the best part, but you also get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping someone’s business grow. You’re helping someone put food on the table for their families or helping someone grow internally by exploring their artsy side…to me, that’s the most beautiful part of it all.

If time constraints or other commitments keep me from working on a project, I’ll often share it on my social pages. Or if I’m unable to do a project, connecting other creatives together is another way I try to show support. That means knowing people, putting yourself out there and bursting out of your comfort zone. It’s not a comfortable place starting out. But the results are well worth it.


Thank you, Julien, for becoming such a wonderful friend & supporting us in our journey. Here’s to more fun & colorful adventures!  

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Visit STYLECABLE‘s Holiday Pop Up Shop at 3330 Cady’s Alley NW, Washington D.C. in Georgetown. Open all of December!